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eBook Conversion Services for Publishing your eBook

Are you struggling to get your eBooks approved by Amazon or Apple? Unhappy with automated conversion tools that give you low-quality eBooks?

Equiretech, as a leading eBook conversion company, makes it a priority to offer conversions for Kindle, Apple Books, and other popular readers. 

With the experience of over a decade, we have worked with major publishers of various disciplines, providing them high-quality conversion service. The titles we have converted ranges include higher education books, academic textbooks, fiction, comics, user manuals, and more. We also offer conversion not for English alone but also for multi-lingual eBooks, including French, German, Dutch, Portuguese, and Spanish

What is eBook Conversion?

If you want to publish your eBook, you have to understand the different steps to be followed to reach the goal. Once you complete the job of writing and editing is done, it follows the vital process of conversion.

eBook conversion is one of the crucial steps to publish an eBook. It is a process of converting your PDF or InDesign file into a digital format that is compatible with eBook readers, including Amazon Kindle, Apple iPad, Nook by Barnes & Noble, Kobo, and Smashwords. The PDF file can be converted into different formats like ePUB, Mobi, etc.

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Why opt for ePub Conversion?

Publishing an eBook is easier these days, but the process demands solid effort and time. There are numerous tools online that help you with the conversion. But the results might not be as desired. 

It’s highly encouraged that you go to professionals as they provide service that checks to ensure important aspects of your eBook are all in order. The professional services will be beneficial, namely, because:

  • Ensures to maintain the given PDF layout out in the
  • Ensures the quality and positioning of graphs, images, tables, and charts in the eBook.
  • Double-check to make sure the cover images are rendered correctly.
  • Ensures that the converted files work accurately on different devices and checks to see any other platforms’ issues.
  • Freedom for you to review the converted eBook file before it reaches the marketplace.

What do we do?

At Equiretech, our team of experts provides the exact conversion the writers and publishers desire. Our team also helps you create and convert your manuscript into Fixed layout & Enhanced eBooks. Taking the stress off you, we will find quick and easy solution to provide you with the best ebook conversion services.

Below is a list of all the possible conversion services that we offer:

  • PDF to Kindle

  • PDF or Word to EPUB2, EPUB3

  • Word to Kindle Format

  • PDF to EPUB

  • Convert Physical book to ebook

  • Higher Education Books

  • Textbooks in Math, Science, and Medical.

Our eBook conversion Process

eBook conversion with Equiretech is quite simple. Have a look at the checklist to ensure you have the manuscript ready. 

The process includes:

  • Provide us with the PDF (or Word, InDesign, etc.) file that needs to be converted.
  • The content is reviewed by our highly advanced experts and then give you a quote.
  • If the quote is agreed upon, we will then execute the eBook conversion.
  • Once the eBook is successfully converted, our team double-checks and tests the ebook’s formatting and quality.
  • Ensure the eBook works on multiple devices before it is sent.
  • Once that is finished, it is set to be published!
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Price for eBook Conversion

Equiretech makes it a priority to offer eBook conversion services for many popular readers. We strive to provide the exact conversion, the author, and the publisher’s desire. We have packages for the conversion mentioned above services at affordable prices.

The conversion cost depends on:

  • Opted conversion service
  • The required output format
  • The required functions and features
  • The number of pages for conversion.

Are you ready to take the next step? We would love to help!

At Equiretech, we undertake just about any document for eBook conversion. It is complicated to convert specific formats, but our experts can tackle any complex conversion needed. Get in touch and email us your document to receive a quote today.


Do you convert Pdf to ePub2 or ePub3 ebook format?

Don’t you have Adobe Indesign or source file formats? If you have Pdf which is editable(Not Scanned), we can convert this file to EPub2 or Epub3 files based on your requirements. Few issues which our Professionals take care are:

  • Missing fonts which can be replaced by similar fonts.
  • We Ensure all Style are included In the Epub file as per the Pdf
  • Check for all Table Formatting.
  • Avoid any Text merger issues between Paragraphs.
  • We are happy to help you with Epub conversion Services.

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