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Digital Accessibility Services

The era of Digital Equality is here! Wouldn’t you believe that it has affected your business and customers positively? It would be an understatement to state that it has changed the course of the eBook publishing industry. At Equiretech, we take pride in being the digital Samurais of equality and strength.

Amplify User Engagement

People using the internet have grown profusely. Among them, a huge portion has reported disabilities. We need a compact solution to support them. Let’s imagine a specific user reporting degenerative disabilities. Without proper accessibility features, user interactions would defer.

This would lead to an unexpected downside. While the internet has become a household commodity, it should also become an asset for people with disabilities. They can leverage the World Wide Web to read eBooks of their choice. Any eBook publisher has to remember this special requirement before finalizing their publishing process.

To make the internet accessible universally, the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) has gone on to create Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG 2.0 and 2.1) to let every organization create more accessible digital content. It is to help everyone with disabilities directly. It would improve the engagement level of every user with disabilities while they read your eBooks.

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Remove the digital shield and allow Digital Accessibility.

Web accessibility plays a casual role nowadays. Every company has to ensure content availability across every platform. Apart from legal compliance, we should look for factors to create the best user experience. At Equire, we focus on involving the right processes to every user in an objective-oriented manner. By including high-end accessibility services, we can customize everything based on accessibility requirements and goals.

These are the services we offer:


While we religiously follow the guidelines of the International Digital Publishing Forum (IDPF) for MathML, we let you encode various math content, allowing you to eliminate the complexity involving a verbal picture description to simplify mathematical equations. Thus, it becomes accessible to everyone reading it.

Accessible EPUB3/PDF/Word/PPT

Publishers might find certain accessibility requirements beyond the scope and workflows of the publisher. We specialize in offering services, including generation of accessible metadata, tagging tables, semantic structuring, writing right alt text descriptions, generating MathML, and encouraging interactive content accessibility.

Alternative Text Descriptions

When you add alt text descriptions to any non-text content as per the guidelines of WCAG 2.0, we can convert the content into various formats such as speech, Braille, and symbols.

Closed Captions and Subtitles

It is beyond the requirements involving accessibility for auditory challenged users. With closed captions, an extension involving subtitles, we can use vital non-dialogue audio like sound effects. Closed captions can prove handy while comprehending any accent, spoken dialogue, and other linguistic setbacks.

Website Remediation

Equire does a thorough audit of your website. We can identify and fill all the gaps. With a comprehensive report and planning, we can make your website accessible to everyone. 

Accessibility Metadata

By creating accessibility metadata with information related to accessibility features, access mode, accessibility controls, hazards, and app program interface, we provide compact services to all our clients. With the support of a robust tool, we can let every user understand digital publication, applicability, and content. 

We create accessibility metadata that contains information such as access mode, accessibility features, accessibility hazards, accessibility controls, and accessibility application program interface. It is a powerful tool that allows users better to understand digital publication, content, and applicability.

Accessibility Testing

With a thorough accessibility check, you can leverage read-aloud techniques involving NVDA, Acrobat Reader, WCAG compliance, screen reader compatibility, and voiceover. We adhere to WCAG compliance and IDPF accessibility guidelines with a PAC accessibility checker.

Why avail the services of Equire Tech?

We knew that digital equality and accessibility play a vital role in every business. Every industry player would have the ability to recognize digital equality factors in a much compact manner. You can maximize your entire business potential and get back into fresh business opportunities and markets. At Equire, we promise streamlined and cost-effective solutions. With our talented network, we can leverage extensive resources by putting our curt industry experience into action. We would love to globalize our entire digital accessibility efforts. This is what segregates us from our competitors.

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