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Book Cover Design

According to several researches, about 79% of readers find book covers to be a major driving factor in their decision to purchase a book, out of which almost 40% of them find it to be the sole factor inducing them for a purchase.

Considering these statistics, you have about half a second to make a good impression in the minds of readers. You need a powerful book cover.

A great book cover is one that not only appeals to the reader on many levels including aesthetics and emotions, but also conveys the essence of the book in a subtle yet promising manner. Clearly, designing a book cover is an art that requires careful deliberation and thought.
And that’s precisely why you need to get it done by experts.

Why Equiretech is your best bet

Having designed book covers for many leading authors for the past 8 years, our team of design experts at Equire Tech has delved deep in to the nuts and bolts of the art. Whether you need deep and meaningful modern art for the cover of your fiction novel, or you want some winning graphics to make your cookbook stand out, Equire Tech has some of the best resources to craft it for you.

We have a very talented team of in-house artists, designers, illustrators and photographers working to create unique artwork, inspired by some of the best illustrations from a global network of well-known sources.

We understand how important it is for you to share your knowledge or experience with the world and so we’ll help you create an eye-catching cover, reach out and make a lasting impression in your first shot.

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What you need

What you need to do

  1. Get in touch with us with the simple click of a button
  2. Fill out a form explaining the details of the book you want a cover designed for.
  3. Discuss the quote through email

That’s about it. Once we have every detail we need to design the perfect cover for you, we’ll start our process and send you the draft via email for approval.

After you’ve given us the green light, we can go ahead and design the hard copy of your dream book’s cover.

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