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Enhanced eBook Services

Over the past couple of years, the digital version of a book has advanced to a further level. Publishers delivering the content online are now only a matter of minutes. It is mainly because books have become more interactive, thanks to the new devices and publishing platforms. 

At Equiretech, we understand the importance of providing content for an engaging reading experience, and also focus on offering best ebook conversion services.

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What is an Enhanced eBook?

Enhanced eBooks are advanced versions of standard eBooks read on various devices like iPhone, iPad, Mac iBooks, Windows, and Android devices. Enhanced eBooks have revolutionized both the experience of the reader and the publishing industry since its inception.

Enhanced eBooks include various new features like embedded media (audio & video), interactivity, audiobook, and more.

The enhancements we incorporate are listed below:

1. Audio – Embedded audio gives an enriching experience for the reader. Audio narration for eBooks has increased the reading time for the reader. With this feature, a reader can enjoy a book while jogging, driving, and while doing many other activities. 

2. Video – Embedded video is another common feature. It is designed to watch videos and is currently available on the iPad and Kindle Fire. This feature is not available on all reading apps. Embedded video has brought a novel change in terms of reading. For instance, embedded video in a cookbook makes it easier for the user to understand and follow the recipe rather than just reading it. 

3. Text Highlighter – It is another dominant feature in an enhanced EPUB3. The read-along text is highlighted in any customized color as the narrator’s voice reads successive lines. This feature helps the reader to keep pace. 

4. Games & Activities – There are numerous interactive games, quizzes, and other exercises incorporated into eBooks. This feature is added mainly in children’s books and educational texts. Some of the activities include:

  • Match the following
  • Ranking & Sequencing
  • True or False
  • Fill in the blanks
  • Video demonstration
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5. Animated ContentThis feature comes in handy while publishing children’s books. An animated series can narrate the story in a few acts, which engage the children and better understand the story. 

6. Interactive image – This feature enables us to add captions to pictures. It also allows highlight and zoom in or out of the picture.

7. Pop-over – This feature allows the reader to touch and learn more about the image.

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Readers that Support Enhanced ePUB3

Since we have ample supporters for interactive reading, the industry is strong and healthy. The readers that support the format are:

  • Apple iPhone / iPad Pro
  • Amazon Kindle Fire
  • Barnes and Noble Nook
  • Kobo
  • Mac iBooks
  • Readium
  • VitalSource

Benefits of Creating Interactive eBooks:

The fresh start of enhanced eBooks is to cherish around in the coming years as the potential is tremendous. There are numerous benefits of this technology, namely:

  • It facilitates an immersive reading experience.
  • It offers better accessibility.
  • Enhanced learning experience for both students and educators.


Creating eBook Interactive

Interactive eBook Conversion Services

Equiretech helps publishers create highly-engaging interactive eBooks with in-house tools. With interactive eBooks, we recognize the requirements of the publishers and provide them with personalized enhanced eBook services. Our team also has experience in creating Fixed-layout eBooks.

The service is essential as it helps the Authors and the Publishers to transform their traditional books into enhanced eBooks. A wide variety of eBooks can be created with this service, namely:

  • Children’s books
  • Cookbooks
  • Illustration Books
  • Comics
  • Health & Medical books
  • Multimedia books
  • Educational books
  • Novels
  • Magazines
  • Travel books

Equire offers a qualitative enhanced eBooks service at affordable prices. You can have a look at our checklist to get your manuscript ready for conversion.

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Cost of Enhanced eBooks

EquireTech helps publishers and writers create quality enhanced eBooks with our in house tools. The team of technical experts can deliver high-quality and personalized results for our customers.

Our services include creating:

  • Enhanced eBooks
  • Enhanced eBooks for Amazon Kindle Fire
  • Animations & Interactives for Children’s eBooks
  • Interactive Higher Education Books
  • Read Aloud Enhanced eBooks

We have packages for above mentioned enhanced eBooks with affordable pricing for our valuable customers. The cost might vary with regard to the enhancements that need to be incorporated into the eBooks.

Get in touch with us today to know more about the packages.

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