Enhanced Ebooks Services | Convert Pdf to Interactive Ebook

Enhanced eBook Services

Why Equire Tech is your best choice

EquireTech understands the importance of providing engaging content.  With interactive ebooks, we understand the requirement of the Publishers and provide them with personalized enhanced ebook services.

We focus on offering a high-quality reading experience by converting Pdf or other digital formats to interactive Digital books by adding rich multimedia content such as 2D/3D Animation, Audio-Video files, games, Quizzes and more.

These engaging ebooks can be in HTML5 and ePUB3 formats that are compatible with all smart devices and eReaders such as ibooks, Amazon Fire, Kobo, and other online reading platforms.

What books need Interactive Ebook publishing?

Predominantly these were used for publishing and developing multimedia content for kids. But lately, it has also adapted to every form of elearning industry and Magazines. Here’s when authors and publishers  look at digital books when the books are related to:​

  • Comics
  • Children’s Storybooks
  • Health & medical education books
  • Cook books
  • Multimedia-rich eBooks
  • Edutainment books
  • Multilingual ebooks
  • Magazines

What are eBook formatting services includes

When the book needs rich reading experience

When the book focuses on developing engaging content

When the book contains more visual

When the book contains lot of Instructions

How EquireTech Creates
Interactive ebooks?

We are the leading interactive ebook company helping Publishers to create enhanced digital books with our In house Tools. Our team converts any Pdf or digital file to an interactive ebook by embedding any format of multimedia from images to audio video files,Games, Quizzes. We provide voice over services to script writing and providing graphic support for 2D & 3D Animation.