Fixed Layout eBook Conversion for Apple and Kindle

Fixed Layout ebook Conversion

Need to create an eBook with Attractive Images and Intricate Layout

Fixed-layout is the most popular format these days. Writers, artists, and educators prefer this format for publishing children’s books, cookbooks, illustrated books, travelogues, academic books, and more.

Equiretech has experience for over a decade in publishing and eBook conversion services . Fixed layout eBook conversion services by our professionals help you to create engaging eBooks. The fixed-layout format allows having a read-aloud option. In this format, you can add audio, video, and pop-ups. Please have a look at Enhanced eBooks for more details.

What is a Fixed Layout ebook?

Fixed-layout is similar to that of print books where the pages of the eBooks are already fixed. The elements like text, image, animation, sound bites, and pop-up descriptions are accurately fixed in this format. Fixed-layout and Reflowable are the two dominant formats of eBooks.

The unique layout allows us to take a complicated layout format without compromising quality and display it the same as the book creator made it. The Fixed- layout format gains recognition as it excels in providing a rich quality of eBooks compared to others, mainly because they provide visually rich content.

Fixed Layout eBooks often mistook as PDFs, but they are not. The Fixed Layout formats are fully-functional HTML-based eBooks. Moreover, they create a layout that is almost identical to the original print layout, which is not possible in traditional eBooks.  A fixed-layout eBook has more interactive features than a PDF.

EPUB 3 Fixed-Layout

EPUB3 is the latest innovation of eBook format standard. It is one of fixed-layout eBook format that uses a lot of new interactive functions provided by HTML5 and CSS3. The interactive elements include read aloud function, pop up definitions, animated illustrations, music and audio. The format works on iPad, iPhone, Android reading apps, KOBO Arc, KF8 for Amazon Kindle, and Barnes & Noble.

Features of EPUB3:

  • Embedded audio and video
  • Embedded fonts
  • Multi-column layout
  • Read aloud
  • Animation and interactivity
  • Improved accessibility
  • Embedded JavaScript

What is Fixed layout EPUB Best for?

Fixed layout eBooks are trending not only among the publishers but also among the independent authors as it is the best suitable format for:

Children’s books

Illustrated children’s books


Graphic novels

Educational books

iPad Book library



Coffeetable books

User /Technical Manuals

What we Do?

Equiretech is specialized in providing fixed layout eBook conversion, in various formats approved by your preferred eBook store.

Fixed eBook conversion format we offer:

  • EPUB3 fixed layout for Apple
  • KF8 for Amazon Kindle
  • Fixed-layout for Barnes and Noble
Childrens ebook
Fixed layout ebooks

The Fixed Layout has complex layouts and graphic elements, such as full-bleed images and text wrapping. It requires special formatting and preserving printed pages design with enhanced interactive features. The basic features we incorporate include:

  • Have a two-page spread in which a single image spans both pages.
  • Zoom in option for text and image in the eBook reader – like zooming a picture.
  • Add audio and make it read aloud, along with highlighting.


Difference between ePub3[Fixed Layout] and KF8

Epub3 Fixed layout Ebooks are Widely used Platform including Apple, Readium, other readers, and Amazon Fixed ebook version is KF8.

They Might look Identical for a simple ebook, but that’s where the similarity ends as their internal structure is different. KF8 is good for more static and Comic content as Audio, Video and interactive features are restricted to Kindle fire or kindle app on ios Devices. You save cost if you order these together as some of the steps involved is common(30%) in the initial process.

Why doesn’t my Fixed layout ebook sell well?

Most of the Authors and Publishers recreate ebook similar to their print books. For digital versions to perform well, you can give additional content for these by adding more Pictures as Slideshow and few videos without changing the layout.

You can include Interviews or additional content you can add to enhance the Digital version to make it more valuable for your readers.

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