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Magazine Digitization

Magazine Digitization

Specialist magazine digital publishing market for over 7 years, Equire Technologies understand that digitization is a multifaceted arcade. Without the right elements you cannot deliver what you intended or even reach your booklovers in the first place. In today’s world where media is consistently moving towards a paperless medium in terms of newspapers and magazines. Nowadays people are beginning to subscribe to their favorite magazine and receive it in digital form, rather than the traditional paper version. There are obviously all kinds of benefits for the reader, and publishers are seeing the benefits too.

You can utilize our digitization services for a fraction of the cost of any other bound document digital service that is currently available in the market today and with higher quality than you ever thought possible.

Equire’s end-to-end of conversion services, content conversion assignments such as converting PDF to ePub and other ePub conversion services. We have translated a wide range of files formats (hard copy, EPUB, MOBI, PDF, typesetting files,etc.) and assist publishers and content aggregators an end-to-end solution Our proficiencies comprise of:

  • OCR (99.5%-99.995% data accuracy rates)
  • Conversion of multifaceted source material

Proficient in all types of the digitization and conversion process helps us to guarantee that we can perform these large-scale, and even small-scale, conversions with determined efficacy and at the lowest budget. Our digitization services spread across North America, Europe, where we’re converting newspaper, magazine, and additional print articles into various digital formats, and assisting client in distributing the same.

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