Read Aloud Enhanced eBooks

Read Aloud Enhanced eBooks

Read Aloud Enchanced eBooks

Read-aloud eBooks is another variety of Enhanced eBooks which is gaining more popularity among all types of readers. It has text-to-speech format where an eBook can be read aloud. The books that can be made to read-aloud enhanced eBooks are children’s illustrated books, educational books (Math & Science), cookbooks, and travel guides.

Our team can make the process of making a read-aloud enhanced eBook easier. The features included are:

  • Include ambient soundtrack (background music).
  • Include sound effects for characters or objects.
  • Highlight word by word, sentence by sentence & paragraph by paragraph.
  • Notification once the audio is finished.
  • Support for audio formats like MP3, M4A, and WAV etc.

Sample of Read-Aloud Enhanced eBook