How to convert PDF to EPUB

How to convert Pdf to ePub

convert pdf to epub

You might have your manuscript ready as a PDF file but is that enough to publish an eBook? The answer is No. You need eBook Conversion. The input PDF has to be converted to an EPUB. There are numerous eBook formatters and convertors that help you with the process.

To Make an EPUB File

After the PDF file is formatted in Word, you can use any conversion app or tool to convert the file to an EPUB.  As mentioned before, there are many conversion tools at your disposal. Have a look at our list of best conversion softwares.

Here, we will guide you through the conversion process with the help of Calibre.

Calibre is a desktop conversion tool that works on Windows, Linux, and Mac OS. The steps to follow to convert PDF file to EPUB:

1. Open Calibre & select Add books

How to convert Pdf to ePub 1

After installing Calibre on your system, drag and drop the PDF you want to convert, or click Add Books icon on the left-hand corner and select the PDF file you want to convert.

2. Select Convert Books

How to convert Pdf to ePub 2

After selecting the PDF file, click on Convert Books to open the Convert dialog box.

3. Choose the output format

How to convert Pdf to ePub 3

Select EPUB as the output format from the down menu.

4. Make necessary adjustments to the title, author, and other metadata fields. And, then select OK.

How to convert Pdf to ePub 4

5. Once the conversion is complete, select the EPUB file and select the View option. Select ‘View with Calibre eBook Viewer’ to open the file.

How to convert Pdf to ePub 5

6. Edit the book

How to convert Pdf to ePub 6

7. Review the EPUB file output.

How to convert Pdf to ePub 7

8. After reviewing, right click on the EPUB file in the library and click ‘Open Containing Folder’ to see where the file is saved in your desktop.

How to convert Pdf to ePub 8

Tip: Make sure you validate your epub

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