eBook Validation

eBook Validation

ebook validation

eBook validation is an internationally approved process to check the code within the eBook to ensure that it displays well on all kinds of devices. It is an essential step after eBook Conversion as the eBook stores only accept eBooks that are valid.

After converting your input PDF to EPUB, your final output file is ready. Your final eBook might look and read fine on desktops but it need not necessarily work properly on other devices. It is necessary to do the validation for the same purpose.

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EPUB Validation

Validation is one of the most important aspects of EPUB quality assurance process. When you test an EPUB file for quality, there are certain limitations to it:

  • It is very difficult for you to ensure that every HTML tag is closed properly.
  • It is difficult to check if there are any errors in the code. You require automatic validation to find errors in coding.

That would be practically impossible for you to find on your own. 

There are a few validation tools available for you to do the validation process.

EPUB Check

This is a command line tool that works both in PC and Mac

  • Go to the github repository 
  • The latest version of EPUBCheck you can easily be downloaded as a zip file.
  • On PC, go to the Start menu and type in CMD and open the Command prompt.
  • On Mac, the Terminal can be accessed in the Finder application.
  • Once you’re in the Command prompt or Terminal window.
  • java -jar “Path\To\epubcheck.jar” “Path\To\filename.epub”
  • The path is important, you have to tell your computer exactly where to find the EPUBCheck jar and where to find the EPUB file.