Best eBook Readers for Windows

5 Best eBook Readers for Windows

Today, there are eReaders and specific tablets for digital reading where you need to spend huge amount of money buying these devices to enjoy reading. However, with the advent of eBook reader app, you can have an incredible reading experience on your desktop or smartphones.

Windows has ample apps for e-reading and choosing the best one for your reading needs can be tricky. Here is a list of 5 best eBook reader apps that will help you make an informed choice.

1. Adobe Digital Editions

Adobe Digital Editions is a great e-reader for Windows users. It opens access to manage and read numerous eBooks, digital newspapers, and magazines. The beneficial aspect of Adobe Digital Editions is that it supports EPUB3 format. Readers can enjoy all the benefits of this format like inter-activities and dynamic image resizing.


  • User is able to rent or borrow EPUB versions of books from local libraries.
  • Supports simple fixed-layout books.
  • Multi-lingual support.
  • Best to access textbooks and course books.

2. Readium

Readium is an open source EPUB reader. It has a browser extension which allows the user to read eBooks online.


  • Supports EPUB3 features like fixed-layout and media overlays.
  • Supports animation CSS3 and JavaScript.
  • Best to read fiction and non-fiction books.

3. VitalSource Bookshelf

VitalSource Bookshelf is a platform that allows to accessing and consuming numerous eBooks, digital textbooks, and course materials. It is easier to read, highlight, and annotate as we do on paper. This e-reader works well on both android and windows.


  • Supports fixed-layout.
  • Supports animation, interactivity, and read aloud functions.
  • Best to read textbooks, course books, and cookbooks.

4. Calibre

Calibre is one of the oldest eBook readers for Windows. It has a built-in eBook viewer which supports all major eBook formats. It is the perfect choice for both readers and aspiring writers since it also supports to create eBooks.


  • Download EPUB books and book covers.
  • eBook conversion
  • Download news from the web and convert it into an eBook.

5. Cover

Cover is chiefly made for reading comics on Windows. The app also supports EPUB3 format so the reader can enjoy any book heavy on images and graphics.


  • Clear-cut library management.
  • Customized reading experience.
  • Dedicated app for comics and manga.