eBook Reading Apps for Android and Windows

Best eBook Reader Apps for Android and Windows

Best eBook Reader Apps for Android and Windows 15

10 Best eBook Reader for Android

eBooks have gained acceptance among readers in the digital age. It has provided an engaging reading experience. With the arrival of multiple e-readers, it is possible to read a book from anywhere, and at any time.

Choosing an eBook reader from a million options is a daunting task. Here is a list of best eBook reader apps for Android that will help you select one.

1. Amazon Kindle

Best eBook Reader Apps for Android and Windows 16

Kindle has an extensive collection of books, magazines, and newspapers. It is one of the most popular reading apps for smartphones and tablets. The free app can be downloaded on your smartphone and any book can be read after it is purchased on Amazon.


  • Includes in-built Oxford English dictionary.
  • Access to Google and Wikipedia.
  • Includes panel to panel view.
  • Pop-up text.
  • Best to read fiction, non-fiction, comics and children’s books.

2. Google Play Books

Best eBook Reader Apps for Android and Windows 17

Google Play books have a wide range of books that can be read on your smartphones and tablets. Books can be read downloaded and read offline here.


  • Take notes while reading and sync with Google Drive.
  • Smart recommendations for books.
  • Supports fixed-layout.
  • Best to read non-fiction, cookbooks, and text to speech books.

3. Kobo Books

Best eBook Reader Apps for Android and Windows 18

Kobo has a wide-ranging catalogue that will appeal to all kinds of readers. It has more than 6 million eBooks and publications.


  • Offers a special feature called, Reading Life. This is a system of social reading that makes it possible to consult books, and share quotes on social media.
  • Possible to customize your text and upload the same.
  • Supports fixed-layout.
  • Best to read fiction and read aloud books.

4. Aldiko Book Reader

Best eBook Reader Apps for Android and Windows 19

Aldiko is an eBook app that provides customizable reading experience. The app’ user interface is like a bookshelf that helps the reader to navigate through the collection.


  • Customize font size, color and background to suit the reader’s need.
  • Perfect e-reader for books in PDF, EPUB, and Adobe DRM encrypted format.
  • Best to read fiction and non-fiction books.
  • Doesn’t support fixed-layout eBooks.


Best eBook Reader Apps for Android and Windows 20

NOOK is Barnes & Noble’s e-reader app. It offers over four million books, magazines, children’s books, and magazines. It is one of the most popular e-reader with several features that makes reading easy and comfortable.


  • Personalized recommendations by expert booksellers.
  • Create and share custom quote cards with a few taps.
  • Access any newspaper or magazine for free for 14 days.
  • Best to read graphic novels, comics, and magazines.

6. FB Reader

Best eBook Reader Apps for Android and Windows 21

FB Reader (Favorite Book Reader) is a customizable eBook reader for all kinds of devices. It has a Google Drive- based cloud service.


  • Supports multiple formats like EPUB, FictionBook, HTML, CHM, RTF, and more.
  • Localized for 34 languages.
  • Able to synchronize book collection, reading position, and bookmarks across all devices.

7. Moon+ Reader

Best eBook Reader Apps for Android and Windows 22

Moon+ Reader gives offers a fantastic reading experience for avid readers. The app has a status bar that shows the reading progress and also provides information on the reading progress within the current chapter.


  • Supports around 12 formats including ZIP files.
  • Localized in 42 languages.
  • Provides further statistics like reading hours, pages turned, and number of books in the shelf.
  • Supports EPUB3 multimedia content.

8. Cool Reader

Best eBook Reader Apps for Android and Windows 23

Cool Reader offers several customizable features which makes reading an enjoyable activity. Thousands of eBooks can be accessed for free and supports online libraries.


  • Provides text-to-speech for free
  • Supports a variety of formats like EPUB, fb2, HTML, TXT, and more.
  • Enhanced for reading fiction. 

9. Wattpad

Best eBook Reader Apps for Android and Windows 24

Wattpad is a social storytelling platform. You can read the works of well-established writers and budding writers on the same platform.


  • Able to save favorite stories and read anytime and anywhere.
  • You can publish your story and get feedback from the other readers and writers.
  • Perfect for aspiring writers.
  • Does not support read aloud books.

10. Scribd

Best eBook Reader Apps for Android and Windows 25

Scribd is more like a digital library where one has access to a variety of best-selling books. It also has access to audiobooks and comics.


  • Possible to customize narration speed for audiobooks and also set a sleep timer.
  • Customize font type, size, and background color.
  • Best to read contemporary fiction, science fiction, and travel books.
  • Does not support fixed layout books.

This comprehensive list of eReaders will help you make a choice. Try one of these apps and read your favorite books anywhere.

If your looking to convert PDF or EPUB please look at the suggested conversion softwares.

5 Best eBook Reader for Windows

Today, there are eReaders and specific tablets for digital reading where you need to spend huge amount of money buying these devices to enjoy reading. However, with the advent of eBook reader app, you can have an incredible reading experience on your desktop or smartphones.

Windows has ample apps for e-reading and choosing the best one for your reading needs can be tricky. Here is a list of 5 best eBook reader apps that will help you make an informed choice.

1. Adobe Digital Editions

Best eBook Reader Apps for Android and Windows 26

Adobe Digital Editions is a great e-reader for Windows users. It opens access to manage and read numerous eBooks, digital newspapers, and magazines. The beneficial aspect of Adobe Digital Editions is that it supports EPUB3 format. Readers can enjoy all the benefits of this format like inter-activities and dynamic image resizing.


  • User is able to rent or borrow EPUB versions of books from local libraries.
  • Supports simple fixed-layout books.
  • Multi-lingual support.
  • Best to access textbooks and course books.

2. Readium

Best eBook Reader Apps for Android and Windows 27

Readium is an open source EPUB reader. It has a browser extension which allows the user to read eBooks online.


  • Supports EPUB3 features like fixed-layout and media overlays.
  • Supports animation CSS3 and JavaScript.
  • Best to read fiction and non-fiction books.

3. VitalSource Bookshelf

VitalSource Bookshelf is a platform that allows to accessing and consuming numerous eBooks, digital textbooks, and course materials. It is easier to read, highlight, and annotate as we do on paper. This e-reader works well on both android and windows.


  • Supports fixed-layout.
  • Supports animation, interactivity, and read aloud functions.
  • Best to read textbooks, course books, and cookbooks.

4. Calibre

Best eBook Reader Apps for Android and Windows 28

Calibre is one of the oldest eBook readers for Windows. It has a built-in eBook viewer which supports all major eBook formats. It is the perfect choice for both readers and aspiring writers since it also supports to create eBooks.


  • Download EPUB books and book covers.
  • eBook conversion
  • Download news from the web and convert it into an eBook.

5. Cover

Best eBook Reader Apps for Android and Windows 29

Cover is chiefly made for reading comics on Windows. The app also supports EPUB3 format so the reader can enjoy any book heavy on images and graphics.


  • Clear-cut library management.
  • Customized reading experience.
  • Dedicated app for comics and manga.
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