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5 Best eBook Creator Software

People are engaged with eBooks more now than ever. Creating and publishing an eBook is a great way to reach a wider audience. Many writers are opting to write and create an eBook to make their dream of publishing a book come true.

Publishing an eBook can look like a tedious process, but in reality, it is not. There are numerous tools for both creating and converting eBooks that will make the process a lot easier for you. Since there is abundant eBook creating software available in the market, it might be tricky to make a choice. Here is a list of best eBook creator software that will help you make an informed choice.

1. iBooks Author

Best eBook Creator Software 10

iBooks Author is an effective app that allows creating any eBooks or textbooks for iPad, iPhone, and Mac. It is available for free on Mac App store. The app allows you to work offline and also sell your books on iStore if it is approved.


  • Add text and image with drag-and-drop ease.
  • Provides beautiful templates for your book.
  • Create multimedia content.
  • Access multi-touch widgets.
  • Built-in accessibility.

2. Calibre

Best eBook Creator Software 11

Calibre is an open source eBook platform that allows users not only to manage eBook collections but also to create, edit, and read eBooks. It has innovative features that can help the users build a personal eBook with ease.


  • Supports many input file formats like DOCX, PDF, HTML, EPUB, AZW, and more.
  • Inbuilt eBook cover creator.
  • Available for Windows, Linux, and iOS.

3. Sigil

Best eBook Creator Software 12

Sigil is free eBook creator software that is helpful for beginners and expert writers. It helps you create your own eBook effortlessly and in less time.


  • Supports EPUB2 format and limited support for EPUB3.
  • Provides WYSIWYG editing.
  • Add visuals and audios.
  • Compatible with Linux, iOS, Windows, and Android.

4. Scrivener

Best eBook Creator Software 13

Scrivener is advanced writing software for writers. It is perfect for authors write fiction, and screenplays. It was primarily created to finish complex projects like novels, research articles, and screenplays.


  • Easy drag and drop option.
  • Ability to export data to other platforms like iBooks and Kobo.
  • Helps with plotting for fiction writers.
  • Collection of exquisite templates.

5. SCRIBA eBook Maker

Best eBook Creator Software 14

SCRIBA is Java based software that helps you create eBooks in EPUB, PDF or ZIP formats. It runs both in smartphones and desktops.


  • Uses content already present in other formats (like HTML, PDF) to create eBooks.
  • Written in Java and has command line interface.
  • Supports plug-ins.

Creating eBooks can be an enjoyable process with any one of these softwares. Choose a suitable creator and start creating your book.

5 Best eBook Conversion Software

eBook convertors have come in handy for both writers and publishers to convert eBook files into any format of their choice. The conversion of PDF files to eBook formats like EPUB and Mobi are essential to publish on Amazon Kdp, Apple, Nook and Ingramspark.

There is ample convertor software available and it is often tricky to make a choice. Here is a list of best eBook convertor software that will help you pick one.

1. Google Docs

Best eBook Creator Software 15

Google Docs is a simple way to write and convert your content for free. The process of converting manuscript in Google Docs is easier and perfect for beginners.


  • Able to upload a document from Microsoft Word to Docs and generate an EPUB publication.
  • EPUB files can be read on NOOK, iPad, and Google play books.
  • Syncs with Google drive so one can work on it from any device.

2. KindleGen

KindleGen is a command line for converting eBook source files into Kindle eBook format. It enables both writers and publishers to create stunning eBooks that works on all Kindle devices and apps.


  • Supports a variety of source content like HTML, XHTML, and EPUB.
  • Supports all functionalities of KF8.
  • Generate a single file that supports KF8 and Mobi formats.

3. ePUBee Maker

Best eBook Creator Software 16

ePUBee is a professional eBook convertor that helps you create eBooks that can be read on multiple devices. It lets you convert a large batch of eBooks, and the conversion process is pretty straightforward.


  • Supports six input formats – EPUB, AZW, MOBI, PDF, TXT, and DOC.
  • Four output formats available – EPUB, MOBI, PDF, and TXT.
  • Provides DRM- removal tools.

4. Zamzar

Best eBook Creator Software 17

Zamzar is free and easy to use convertor. It helps you convert documents, images, videos, and songs into different formats.


  • Supports numerous input file formats including AZW3, CBR, EPUB, LIT, MOBI, and more.
  • Converts live web page into eBook formats.
  • Doesn’t provide customization for output files.

5. Hamster

Best eBook Creator Software 18

Hamster is a free application that allows the user to convert eBooks files to different formats that is compatible with other devices.  It is easy to use with simple functionalities. The user has to upload the files and select the device for the eBook to be accessed.


  • Converts files to TXT, PDF, FB2, LIT, PUB formats, and more.
  • eBooks can be accessed on Kindle, iPad, Sony, NOOK, Kobo, and many devices.
  • Supports batch files conversions.

TIP: After creating or converting your eBook make sure to check it using any of the eBook readers.

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