How to Create Enhanced eBooks

How to Create Enhanced eBooks

create enhanced ebooks

Enhanced eBooks has made the reading experience more engaging and informative. We understand the importance of delivering engaging content and provide publishers with personalized services for creating Enhanced eBook.

eBooks need to be interactive and visually appealing, and with our in house tools it is possible to create one. Your PDF or digital file can be made into an interactive eBook with these enhancements:

  • Embed audio and video clips using HTML5 technology.
  • Add interactive components like games, quizzes, exercises, pop-up text, and assessments programmed in JavaScript.
  • Animation effects using CSS3.
  • Creating Read-aloud eBooks- synchronizing text and images with narrated audio.
  • Sprite sheet animation using jQuery/JavaScript.


Creating Enhanced eBooks for Amazon Kindle Fire

Amazon Kindle Fire can accommodate enhanced eBooks. With advanced features of KF8, we help writers and publishers to create advanced eBooks. Non-fiction, travel, biographies, and children’s eBooks can be created for Amazon Kindle Fire.

To create an enhanced eBook for Amazon Kindle Fire, we provide services including:

  • Text in region magnification CSS.
  • Adding animation.
  • Incorporating audio and video clips.

An example of Enhanced eBook in Kindle Fire

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