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Equiretech being a multi-lingual typesetting services company, has been serving global publishers and prepress service providers for over 10 years. At Equiretech, we help you prepare a perfectly optimized book with our book layout design services to get it published on time.

Get the best experts in the Publishing industry to work on finessing your book now.

Book Layout

Enhance Your Book with our Typesetting Services


Typesetting is an intricate work where you need to create a synchronized flow of content on the pages that provides an uninhibited reading experience. If you want your readers to enjoy your book without any interruptions, then typesetting is of vital importance.

Our team of Professional Typesetters are experienced with new template creation, template modification, and swiftly design creative pages in a striking layout of your choice at highly competitive costs.

What We Do?

  • We analyse the manuscript and send back a sample with all possible elements.
  • Once the sample is approved, we start the composition.
  • Professional proofreading is done to rectify textual errors.
  • We also do a quality check for style related errors.
  • Our Quality Assurance Team is like a firewall for errors. It follows a unique FQA (Final Quality Assurance) process to finalize every chapter/article of your book or journal.
  • Pre-flight checking is also done to avoid missing images, fonts, overset text etc. before delivering the final PDF.
  • We also offer indexing service.

No matter if it’s a fiction book, non-fiction book, academic book, journals, or research papers, we create ready-to-publish books at affordable costs. We ensure that your book creates an immediate visual impact with the readers.

At Equiretech, we have experience at various typesetting requirements including XML as well as non-XML workflow.

Our Typesetters have deep working experience with a wide range of composition deliverables for:

  • Educational Publishers – Higher Education & K-12
  • STM Publishers
  • Trade Publishers
  • Major reference works / Encyclopaedia
  • Children book publishers
  • Cookbook
  • Magazines & Newspapers

We are adept at handling four-color books in design software like:

  • InDesign
  • Quark Xpress
  • LaTeX

We offer multi-lingual typesetting services for books in various languages other than English:

  • French
  • German
  • Portuguese
  • Spanish
  • Dutch

Prepress Services to Make Your Book Clear, Crisp and Compelling

We have been helping Publishers with book interior design and typesetting services for over ten years, and we can do the same for you. Our typesetting experts provide a streamlined book interior design that pulls in the readers.

We also provide prepress services that include book cover design, localization, and eBook conversion. So with just one company, you can get your book ready to Publish!

We provide design and art services to complement your text with appropriate images. Our services range from conceptual outlines and redrawing of supplied artwork to full creative design services.

Enhance Your Book with our Typesetting Services

Customized to Fit Your Needs

Leave the worry of customizing the book interior design to us! We will design the book for you depending on your requirements of the book, the method of publishing, and the choice of printer.

Typesetting for High-Quality Publishing

Let’s create a world-class book quality with our professional typesetting services! Stand out with our pre-processing workflow tool for superior typesetting for quick, high-grade results.

Revise Until You’re Satisfied

Come back to us for multiple revisions until you’re completely satisfied with the way your book interior design looks.

Extended Support

Our relationship with our Publishers doesn’t just end with designing the book interiors. We are here to help you out for any book publishing services help you may need.


We follow a highly secured non-disclosure policy.

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