Fixed layout for Barnes & Noble

Barnes & Noble fixed-layout

Barners and noble fixed layout

NOOK is a set of eBook readers developed based by Barnes & Noble. The reader supports fixed-layout format. It uses a relatively similar format like EPUB. The format supported in NOOK is a little different from the format in Kindle.

The NOOK Fixed-Layout format includes-

  • PagePerfect
  • NOOK Kids
  • Nook Comics

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PagePerfect is functionally similar to PDF format. It is compatible with B&N’s NOOK Tablet, HD and HD+ Tablets, NOOK Color, and various Samsung devices. The PagePerfect format can also be read using some of Nook’s free reading apps (NOOK for Windows 8 Tablet, NOOK for iOS, and NOOK for Android).

Features of PagePerfect:

  • Supports pinch-and- zoom navigation
  • Searchable text
  • Doesn’t support audio and video


NOOK Kids is an exclusive format for children’s eBooks. The files here are similar to that of EPUB3. It uses a derivative of EPUB called EPIB.  NOOK Kids format only works on specific Barnes & Noble devices. 

Features of NOOK Kids-

  • Supports ‘Read to Me’ audio narration
  • Landscape orientation alone
  • Supports pinch-and-zoom navigation

NOOK Comics

Nook Comics is created using Barnes & Noble’s exclusive digital comic book format. It is similar to Kindle Comic Creator which uses article tool to create panels.

Features of NOOK Comics-

  • Supports pinch-and-zoom navigation
  • Pages in portrait or landscape
  • Doesn’t support audio or video
  • Supports right-to-left page turns.