Fixed layout for Apple Books

Apple Fixed-layout

Apple fixed layout

Readers around the world have found iBooks to be more engaging because of its unique features and accessibility. Apple books, earlier known as iBooks, is an exclusive eBook reading app by Apple. It works on iOS and macOS devices.

It supports fixed-layout format. Artbooks, Cookbooks, and Coffeetable books look stunning in Apple Fixed-layout. The fixed-layout format of Apple is a little different to that of format needed for Kindle.

Apple books support two book types:      

  • EPUB3
  • iBooks

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Apple books support EPUB3 format. It can be created using Pages or other tools. Pages is a word processor developed by Apple. Like MS Word, you can create eBooks here as well.

The plus of creating EPUB3 in Pages is that it offers options of beautiful templates. It produces the best-looking pages that reads well both in print and digital. The same way, if an EPUB is synced to iBooks, it has other additional features as well. 

The features of EPUB3 include –

  • Supports full-bleed images
  • Supports audio & video
  • “Read Aloud” option – allows to sync narrator’s voice to the text
  • Interactivity
  • Pop-up footnotes
  • Page progression direction
  • Text direction


Interactive eBooks are created using an exclusive application by Apple called iBooks Author. iBooks can only be read on Apple devices, and it can only be created on a Mac.

The features of iBooks include-

  • Inherently fixed-layout
  • Interactive features
  • Supports audio & video
  • Doesn’t support narration overlays
  • Option to add Widgets
  • Built-in accessibility

Books can be created and also published using iBooks Author.  With ample features of interactivity, it can create elegant fixed-layout eBooks. It is well suited to produce course books, cookbooks, history books, and children’s books.

It offers a collection of templates for your book. You can choose one style for your book from many visually dazzling and theme appropriate collections. It is easier to customize the book with a few clicks. You can customize the fonts; add shapes, tables, graphs, and widgets along with the text.