Fixed layout for Amazon Kindle

Amazon Kindle Fixed-Layout Format

amazon kindle fixed layout

Kindle is one of the earliest eReaders and most the popular. Many of us have enjoyed numerable eBooks in Kindle. Amazon’s Kindle Direct Publishing has made is easier for writers and educators to publish their books now. With the advancement like these, Kindle is an option any writer or reader can’t let go.

A wide variety of eBooks, textbooks, and comics can be accessed in Kindle. The fixed-layout format in Kindle on the inside is similar to that of EPUB but it uses azw and .mobi extension instead of HTML and CSS.

The format in Kindle is slightly different to the format supported in Apple and Barnes & Noble.

Kindle fixed-layout format includes-

  • KF8
  • Kindle Textbook Creator
  • Kindle Comic Creator


KF8 is the next generation format of Amazon that works on all Kindle devices and reading apps. It is similar to EPUB3 format. It is commonly used for books that have high-graphic content like children’s picture books, cookbooks, coffee table books, and photography books.

While planning to use KF8 format for your eBooks, it is crucial to note the text size in KF8 file. The screen of most Kindle devices is small which means the text displayed would be restricted. Only a certain amount of content is displayed on the Kindle screen at a time. The region magnification option now allows readers to enlarge a portion by double-tapping.

Features of KF8:

  • Full CSS support – Enables publishers to control all text layout elements.
  • Embedded fonts- Gives custom look for the books.
  • Fixed width layout – Specified for screen sizes.
  • Doesn’t support audio or video.
  • Drop caps.
  • Kindle panel view.
  • Text pop-up.
  • Supports background images on pages and text on background images.

Kindle Textbook Creator 

Kindle Textbook Creator is a part of Kindle Create now. Kindle Create is the latest tool that allows you to do formatting, designing, and publishing your eBook. It also has an option to preview your book before publishing. With built in Kindle Previewer, you can have a quick preview of the book and check how it works on different platforms.

It is a free tool to convert PDFs of textbooks and other educational material into Kindle books. Files created using KTC can be uploaded via Amazon’s KDP. It works on Kindle Fire tablets and Kindle reading apps.

Features of KTC:

  • Supports pinch and zoom navigation.
  • Supports embedded audio and video.
  • Option to add professionally designed themes for eBooks.
  • Options for image placements.
  • Enables to create and edit Table of Contents while designing the book.

Kindle Comic Creator

Kindle Comic Creator (KCC) is a free tool for both writers and publishers to turn comics, graphic novels and manga into Kindle eBooks. Files created in KCC will work on Kindle Fire, Kindle Fire HD, Kindle Fire HD 8’9”, Kindle Paperwhite, Kindle keyboard, Kindle for iPad and Android apps.

KCC has made it easier for writers, artists, and publishers to import artwork and text, and create an eBook. It also allows previewing the eBook and checking how it works on different devices. It also to import art, illustrations, and photos in different file formats, namely, JPG, PNG, TIFF, PPM, and PDF.

Features of KCC:

  • Guided navigation with Kindle Panel View.
  • Pop-up text panels included.
  • Able to create books with double page spread or facing pages.
  • Supports right-to-left page turns.
  • Creates KF8 files with .mobi extension.